Leakshot, activities documentation

For Falcon, the firm I am co-founder, I developed a web site aimed to record our activities. The Hydro- part of Hydroinformatix means we work in the field of looking for and pinpointing leaks in water and gas networks. So we needed a dedicated tool. Now everything we find in the networks we examine (leak, damage, breakage, even simple position) is immediately reported in the system database via smartphone App and web services.

Leakshot is the result. Please feel free to send your comments…



Important Python resources for Hydrologists

I cannot fpythonorget to signal an important page, full of interesting and well described links to libraries, notes, documents concerning the varied world of Python, aimed to Hydrology and to hydrologists. Probably I would not dare to say so openly what page’s author adfirms:

I am actually impressed by the quality of the contributions in Python. I think there is not anymore reason to use commercial program like Matlab in Universities. What Matlab does, also Python does.

but it describes exactly what I think

University as a drug gang?

My daughter attends University courses and knows my personal points of view enough to hand me this interesting post by Alexandre Afonso about University job managing. I left academic environment when I was young as I started understanding the way things went there… and not only in Italy, as you can see.

The drug gang analogy is obviously provocative but very effective. It is not anyway aimed at stressing the way you must act (not selling drug neither just teaching for “your” professor, but serving him/her in every way, at least in Italy).



How to get rid of Bing in new Firefox tab

As I wrote in another post, I like posting solutions to problems I would like to find directly in search engines… but I have not found.

Since some week ago my wife has noted that opening new tabs in Firefox she did not find the usual list of favourite sites, but Bing search page. This is one thing I just cannot stand. I do not want someone else change my selection, by Jove!

So I searched the Net a lot, and found many people were affected by this annoyance and solutions were quite convoluted.  Fortunately I can report that, after a long and fatiguing search, I eventually found this great link.

Very simply, if you search the page, you will find near the lower left corner an active link to reset! I hope this helps…

RMAP – important resource

Weather-Station-128x128I would like to be the first or one of first people quoting it: RMAP project. It is a very interesting initiative for a network of environmental data agents. The acronym stays for Rete di Monitoraggio Ambientale Partecipativo (Environmental and Participated Monitoring Network).

RMAP provides a whole set of – absolutely open source – tools, from hardware sensors up to web server for data gathering and distributing.

I am sure you will hear again about it. For the meanwhile… stay in touch.

Raspberry Pi: how to read pin status without shutting it down in Python

From now on, sometimes I would like to publish results of internet searching… that I did NOT find. The results I wanted and I found after just after a long wandering.


Raspi-PGB001_reasonably_small When you work with Raspberry Pi, and you are controlling something via output port, say a relay, you can have set a status on it, i.e. you can have put it HIGH, with the usual

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
GPIO.setup(25, GPIO.OUT)
GPIO.output(25, HIGH)

Then, some times after, you are willing to know if pin 25 is HIGH o LOW. You have forgot it, or you are not you, but another person willing to know that. Problem: if you set pin 25 as input, you suddenly switch off it. So DO NOT DO this, in the same or another program:

GPIO.setup(25, GPIO.IN)
print GPIO.input(25)

because you will always get a False, at least with default pullups.

Fortunately the answer is simple: just set that pin as output… but read it!

GPIO.setup(25, GPIO.OUT)
print GPIO.input(25)

and you will get a True or a False depending on the real status.

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice 1-0 in pdf editing

I recently discovered that I can open directly (File->Open) pdfs  in my LibreOffice on Windows. I am eager LibreOffice logoto try in Ubuntu at home. Anyway, as presented in this interesting column, the same is not valid for OpenOffice: sure, you can use an extension, but it is a frankly awkward path you need follow…

LibreOffice opens it in LibreOffice Draw, and you can edit it like any other Draw document, so you can alter, delete, or add any item you like. If you, as usual for me, just want to “edit pdf”, remember to export to pdf exiting!