Mr Arduino

Arduino board


“The world is in your hands, now use it.” – Phil Collins

When I came across Arduino, it seemed to me that a wall collapsed. I mean, the one between my computer and “reality”.

The normal world of the normal person working with normal computers is enormous: through LANs and Internet you can go everywhere, at home, out there in the city, and even to solar systems and to galaxies.  But sometimes, just in the corner of your garden, you see through a hole that something else exists. You suddenly remember that you are a real person with a body, in a room and, yes, in a world that you can reach just through a keyboard and a screen, or at the most with a microphone and a speaker. You feel like you lack arms and legs.

These were my feelings, when Arduino came beside me, and told me that we were able to touch things, to hear things and to send them messages. Beautiful! Until then, I thought that those sort of things were accessible only in professional contexts, like PLCs, RTUs and so on  (all nice and very important things, anyway, but a little less… approachable).

Now I have used Arduino for a various list of applications, in the kitchen, at home and outdoors. I hope I can present something interesting, even though presenting something original is difficult: there are a lot of already developed projects, ready to be imitated or even just built. Anyway, if you have not yet tried to add hands and foots to your PC, think about that possibility for an instant!


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