Microsoft and “The Mentalist”, partial sponsorship

Jane and Lisbon running

Jane and Lisbon

Surely you know “The Mentalist”, the successful television series. It’s well-beloved by my whole family, it’s the only one we are accustomed to watch on television .

A strange thing I have always noticed is the nearly last frame of every episode:

theMentalistMicrosoftBut, hey, it’s Microsoft!

So I wonder what is the meaning of this (partial!) sponsorship. At what I saw, there is no quotation of MS products. CBI’s OSes are surely not Windows, neither an MS application is shown in their monitors. They do not write with Word, they do not use Excel, and so on.

I have found just one reason. During their investigative action, detectives in the series make great use of computers to query databases, to look for every possible info about crime suspects. But, do you believe? they never, really NEVER google anything!


2 responses to “Microsoft and “The Mentalist”, partial sponsorship

  1. On the computer monitors in at the CBI, there is a large Windows flag on every computer, when Van Pelt is watching a video, that was sent by some killers, It’s streamed in Windows Media Player.
    In 2 crime scenes there are Apple Mac computers, but the first one has a bit of tape in front of the apple logo. The other one has 3 post its, that cover the logo.

  2. Yup. The Microsoft label on the back of the screens was fun since Microsoft don’t manufacture computer screens. ^^
    Seems like the partnership didn’t go down as planned since Apple took over starting season 4 or 5. I can’t remember exactly when it started, but suddenly most characters started having iPhones and surveillance videos ran on Quicktime.

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