Monthly Archives: September 2013

How I met Ubuntu Linux

In the simplest way: I was a lazy Windows user, but curious about Linux. I remembered I had tried something many years before, and I had a vague but not so good memory: yes, pretty, but too difficult, good for initiates.

But when my old PC broke, I changed a lot of hardware, and I didn’t want to fuss over neither complicated and expensive Windows licenses, nor piracy. So I gave Linux a chance: I took the usual (in 2008) Ubuntu CD-ROM sold with a magazine issue and put it in the tray. If you, dear Ubuntu, start smoothly, I will foster you. And that’s what happened.

Everything went fine, no strange questions, no locking. Ubuntu was not so difficult, and much, much more similar to my usual environment than I expected. Five years have passed since then, and now Ubuntu is my usual environment.

So, dear reader, please give you too a chance to Linux: the only thing you really risk, if you reflect, is to find a free and live resource!