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Is American DoD getting Agile?

“The purpose of theory is to predict future observations”

Martino Vallara sent me an interesting link about recent rules inside Department of Defense in the USA. In section 804 (implementation of new acquisition process for information technology systems) they state:
(2) be designed to include—
  (A) early and continual involvement of the user;
  (B) multiple, rapidly executed increments or releases of capability;
  (C) early, successive prototyping to support an evolutionary approach; and
  (D) a modular, open-systems approach.

These are hardly far  from Agile principles. You can say they are Agile principles. This new approach is interesting because DoD is [supposed to be] a quite factual institution. This lead me to think that – frequently – discussions about Agile / no Agile are a little bit abstract. An expert of practical thinking is likely teaching us something.